Following the conviction of John Allen, and two years of specialist support and counselling, I have remained active in my pursuit of justice and recompense. I have continued with reading and researching for self-education. I have attained a Mindfulness Diploma and completed Unstructured Therapeutic Disclosure Training, a Recovery & Resilience Peer Specialist Training course, and a Communication course. I have also completed a wide range of Barnardo's CPD training courses through the Cumbria Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB). I have also completed Levels 1,2 & 3 Child Protection & Safeguarding.

It is my desire to use my ‘lived’ and professional experience as a resource to help and inform others.

CPTSD, PSTD, and ACE symptoms are part of who I am, but my resilience has been forged in the fire of adversity and this means I function well - most of the time.

In 2015 I was invited to contribute to a report published by the Children’s Commissioner for Wales entitled: Learning the Lessons. Operation Pallial.

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Learning the lessons Operation Pallial

I am a contributor to the research being carried out by The Truth Project which is part of the IICSA.

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IICSA Truth Project

I have contributed to research being carried out as part of a PhD on Adult Care Leavers at the University of Glasgow and have provided information about my experiences for a Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Central Lancashire.

Core Participant.

I have been granted *Core Participant Status in the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse and I have jointly submitted a 43-page document for the Accountability and Reparations Investigation entitled:


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IICSA Key documents 861


  • I have published a book entitled: ACEs in the shadows
  • I  have created a CPD OCN Credit 4 Learning Accredited 'Working with ACEs' Level 2 Training Course https://www.collegeoflife.co.uk/
  • I have published a support and resource website for Adverse Childhood Experiences. www.adversechildhoodexperiences.co.uk
  • I have raised funds to purchase a licence and to show the film 'Resilience' across Cumbria with the goal of making Cumbria an ACEs aware region.
  • I continue to assist the National Crime Agency ‘Operation Pallial’ as a witness and victim/survivor of CSA crimes committed by a 2nd perpetrator.

Looking forward...

My brain is PLASTIC - neuroplasticity allows the brain to re-wire itself!

*A core participant is an individual, organisation or institution that has a specific interest in the work of the Inquiry, and has a formal role as defined by legislation. Core participants have special rights in the Inquiry process. These include receiving disclosure of documentation, being represented and making legal submissions, suggesting questions and receiving advance notice of the Inquiry’s report.

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