In 2013, after 40 years of dysfunctional adult life, I was diagnosed with (PTD) Psychosexual Trauma Disorder which is a comorbid condition. 

I had a chronic depressive illness and complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I had a Psychological injury that was caused by childhood trauma.

I have now had extensive support and therapy.

I am happily married with 7 children and 8 grand-children.

I want to use my ‘lived’ and professional experience as a resource to help others. 

Age 4


In 1961 I was described as a child with ‘difficult behaviour’ who was presenting a problem to my mother. 

First address 1957

A doctor concluded that there was no evidence of anything psychiatrically wrong with me and that my difficult behaviour was a direct reaction to a ‘very unfavourable background.’

There had been numerous changes of address, 6 in less than 4 years, since my parents separated when I was a baby. My father was imprisoned for non-payment of maintenance and I had been in the care of several different people ‘without the opportunity of making a secure, lasting relationship with any of them’.

The doctor recorded that my mother, ‘ because of her own emotional problems, had not been able to cope adequately and that a great deal is upsetting to ( me) in the present home setting ’. At that time, I was living happily with my grandparents.

Living with grandparents

My mother was referred ‘again’ for support and help in management and no direct treatment was provided for me.


In my Medical records and Social Services records references are made to the fact that no evidence can be found to support the alleged ‘bad behaviour’ repeatedly reported by my mother.

Age 2

Age 5

From the age of 5, following my mother’s divorce and second marriage, I was subject to extreme mental and physical abuse.

The abuse included threat and violence from an alcoholic step-parent; causing mental health and behaviour issues and somatic symptoms such as loss of speech and visual disturbances.

The abuse included;

  • being controlled with the use of trained Alsatian guard dogs.
  • being hung by my ankles from a first story window with the threat of being dropped.
  • being force fed with hot sprouts, to the point of choking, while my step-father sat on my chest.

Detail of this abuse has been published in a book about domestic abuse

(Read my story in the book below. ‘Mr. Angry’ Page 55)

Amazon link: Have Wings Will Fly